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IMG_0099 - Anthony Cortese

There are too many things I want to say here. The JSET dashboard is incredible. It’s smart, accurate and Josh was there every step of the way to provide guidance and reassurance when I felt like things were not going well with my training. On top of that, you will never have to show up to another race and guess what time you think you are capable of running that day. It’s not the cookie cutter prediction that Garmin or Polar will throw at you. On race day, JSET said I was going to run a 2:56 and Polar said I was going to run 3:10. I ran 2:55:42. The system works. Thanks for everything Josh.


Anthony ran his fist marathon in 4:30. In his second marathon, after working with JSET, he achieved 2:55.

JSET testimonials

I trained with Josh and his program JSET for the 2019 Berlin Marathon and without a doubt it has been one of the most rewarding and fun running programs that I’ve done in my life!

Firstly and most importantly working with Josh brought back the pure love and enjoyment of running.

Over the last couple of years I was struggling with injuries and wasn’t really progressing. Every training run was a constant race with my watch and ultimately I wasn’t getting faster and better. About six months ago I discovered low heart rate training and I heard an interview with Josh where he explained his philosophy on training and racing. It made so much sense to me and I decided to give it a shot.

Making my own running schedule and tracking my progress through the graphs that Josh offers has been so much fun. Being able to see how my marathon time prediction changed based on my runs was very motivating and knowing exactly how I was going to perform time wise on the day of the race was priceless.

Josh was also really helpful by responding quickly to all my questions. In Berlin I shaved 20 minutes off my previous PB and for a first time I felt really strong and confident about a race. I definitely recommend JSET to anyone who is looking for a program that is not only fun and flexible but also easily customizable to everyone’s running goals. I can’t wait to start training again with Josh for my next race!


Rossen ran a 20 minute personal best, achieving his goal of sub3:30.

I have run a few marathons using conventional training plans and being relatively successful for a sub 4 hr runner over the years. I then came across JSET and Josh’s uniquely tailored approach to training. This appealed to me as I’d just started low HR training, which suited my new approach to running.

JSET provides you with a brilliant platform to visually see how you’re doing each week. At the start of each week, your weekly mileage is clearly shown at current pace. If your pace increases the mileage comes down slightly and the opposite if you slow down.

What’s appealing is that the wheel fills up as you run, so you can see exactly how well you are progressing, day to day. Once your week is complete, the wheel is full and you can put your feet up with a well earned rest and a pat on the back. The visual system is combined with Josh’s wealth of knowledge and feedback, giving you a personalised program to achieve you goals.

Josh will give you encouragement and advice along the way, so that each week is different and he can provide insight into what is going well and not so well, by looking at your graphs projected by the system.

I did a 20 week marathon program and although unfortunately was unable to run the Spring marathon 2020 due the lockdown, I know that I am the fittest I have ever been. I ran the Cambridge Half Marathon equalling my PB which was run when I was 17 – 26 yrs go! I’m hoping to run another marathon again next year and will definitely use JSET.

I really could not believe how running slowly could be enjoyable and turn you into such a machine. In training I was doing 90 mile weeks without any problem whatsoever. Then when you wish to run fast, there is this incredible fitness under you that you don’t even realise!
I would highly recommend JSET, the most valuable and focused marathon training that I have ever done.


Although Gavin’s marathon was cancelled due to COVID, he still ran an awesome half marathon time!

JSET testimonials

I’ve made more progress with JSET in three months than I have on my own in years.


After using JSET and training with consistent dedication Chris ran a sub3 marathon for the first time ever.