Müggelturm Half Marathon 2021

Date: 29.08.2021 Time: 1:23:01 Distance: 21.1km The Müggelturm and Müggelsee half marathons are becoming something of a staple for me at this point. I first raced the Müggelturm Half Marathon last year, and for winning the age group you are awarded a free entry into the next event, so here I am. Waking up on race day to the […]

Müggelturm Half Marathon 2020

Date: 06.09.2020 Time: 1:23:41 Distance: 21.1km The vast majority of races around the world have been postponed, or outright cancelled. Conveniently for me, one of these postponed races was the Müggelturm Half, which was due to happen in spring, but got pushed back to later in the year.  I hadn’t entered until the day before […]