Training Plans

JSET training plans give you a high degree of specificity, so you will not feel like you're following a generic plan. There are two forms of JSET training: JSET-full and JSET-solo. The fundamentals of these plans are very similar; with the main difference being the level of support you get during your training. To get started with JSET click the link below.

When using a JSET training plan you are using exactly the same training plan that has taken me from a 3:24 marathon to a sub 2:30 marathon. In fact, the only reason JSET exists is because friends and family were asking me to set them up with training plans. Over the years I have continually updated the training plan, making it more motivating, easier to follow and improving the way data is presented. But I don't hold any of these updates for myself. If it's useful to me it's probably useful to other people as well, so an improvement to my training program is an improvement to the whole JSET community. There's an overview of how the JSET process works below.

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The JSET process; from today to race day