Experience the flexibility of JSET

Per Week

JSET-solo gives you access to a personalised JSET training plan. You’ll get all the benefits of a JSET dashboard, which analyses your training after every single run, and is always pushing you to improve.

A JSET training plan is a powerful tool that assess your goal in respect to your current level of fitness, allowing you to plan your weekly training accordingly. It doesn’t matter what type of running you like to do, the JSET dashboard looks at your training load as a whole, rather than individual sessions.

On your dashboard you’ll see analytics showing your daily progress towards your weekly goal, and your weekly progress towards your overall goal. You’ll be able to visualise how successful you’ve been at hitting your weekly targets and how your fitness has changed. The performance I think you’re capable of is predicted by analysing your training data, alongside data from your heart rate monitor (if you wear a HRM).

JSET-solo is perfect for runners who are comfortable making their own training decisions. However, if you would like more in depth training analysis, personalised to your lifestyle and training preferences, and the ability to pick the brains of an elite runner, then a JSET-full plan might be a better fit.

You’ll also get the ‘JSET training doughnut’. Each week  this circle starts out fully red and after every run it progressively fills with blue, showing your progress towards your training goal for the week. This visualisation of your training is clear, motivational and fun. In fact it’s exactly the same training plan that I use.

Every JSET training plan is unique, specific to your:


Down to the minute. If you're chasing a 2h57min marathon then a sub3 plan isn't right for you, you need a 2h57min training plan.


Busy job? No problem, we'll work around it. Getting a PB doesn't have to take over your life.​


JSET looks at your previous race performance and your training history. By comparing these it can assess how your body responds to training.

Training preferences

Let's do the type of running you enjoy. If you love running at a "chatting pace" with friends then do that. JSET tells you exactly how much "chatting pace" running you need to do.

Current ability

Everyone is starting from a different place, so even two runners who have the same goal need different programs. JSET accounts for that.

(it'll also adapt)

JSET adapts according to how well your training is going. Say hello to overachieving!

The JSET dashboard, no frills attached

JSET-solo was created for athletes who are self motivated and confident making their own decisions. But it is worth remembering that this will not be the right choice for everyone. A JSET-solo training plan does not include coaching, extra analysis or daily motivation from Josh S. 

So, if you’d like to pick the brain of an accomplished marathon runner with a degree in sports science & physiology, then a JSET-full training plan might be more suitable for you. You’d be able to ask me unlimited training questions, have daily interaction and benefit from some external motivation. I’ll keep a close eye on how your training is going and we can adapt the plan accordingly.

But, if JSET-solo sounds right for you, then sign up! Each training plan takes some ‘handcrafting’ from me; but once you’ve filled in the questionnaire I’ll get back to you asap with your training plan.

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