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16 Per Week

JSET-full gives you a complete, personalised training program alongside an attentive online coach. This means you’ll get analysis, interaction & motivation from me. If you have a specific race goal, your training plan will provide a road map to get you from today to race day. If you don’t have a specific race goal JSET assesses your fitness, and sets weekly training goals each week according to your current ability – always pushing you to improve.  Your lifestyle, training preferences, intermediate races, and any other information you give me will all be taken into account as we progress.

Analysis – I have a strong understanding of running physiology, and I will share this knowledge with you as your training progresses. Additionally I have a real love for data analysis that means I am able to give you extra insight into your training that might be tricky to see on your own.

Interaction – on the face of it running is a simple sport, but as I’m always reminded when buying running shoes; there’s a bewildering variety of (often conflicting) advice out there on subjects ranging from training techniques and technology fads to nutritional supplements and recovery advice. I do my best to give you clear, actionable advice on all things running related (or un-related to running for that matter, but I’m much less useful for career / relationship / life advice).

Motivation – everyone knows it can be tricky to motivate yourself to get out there and train week in, week out for months on end. As your online marathon coach, I help to encourage you to reach your potential simply by keeping a close eye on your training. If the urge to sit inside and eat cake overpowers your desire to run you’ll have to explain that to me.

Let the JSET doughnut motivate you

The cornerstone of a JSET training plan is the JSET doughnut. On Monday it is red, and after every run JSET reanalyses your data and it will progressively become blue. The aim of the week is simply to run until you have filled the doughnut.

Because the training doughnut uses aggregate data and adapts as your weeks progresses you don’t need to worry if one of your runs was faster or slower than you expected. The doughnut simply reassess your training after each run and reports how much more running you need to do before the week is over. 

In this simple, visual, way you can stay on top of your training. JSET empowers you to decide how you want to structure your training each week. 

As your training progresses the weekly targets will become harder; pushing you to keep improving. Striving for a full circle each week is something JSET runners take great pride in. 

The in-depth analysis on your JSET dashboard will show you how successful you’ve been at achieving your training targets as the weeks go by, and what impact this has had on your fitness. 

These encouraging and fun elements of JSET dashboard bring your training data to life. 

Every JSET training plan is unique, specific to your:


Down to the minute. If you're chasing a 2h57min marathon then a sub3 plan isn't right for you, you need a 2h57min training plan.


Busy job? No problem, we'll work around it. Getting a PB doesn't have to take over your life.​


JSET looks at your previous race performance and your training history. By comparing these it can assess how your body responds to training.

Training preferences

Let's do the type of running you enjoy. If you love running at a "chatting pace" with friends then do that. JSET tells you exactly how much "chatting pace" running you need to do.

Current ability

Everyone is starting from a different place, so even two runners who have the same goal need different programs. JSET accounts for that.

(it'll also adapt)

JSET adapts according to how well your training is going. Say hello to overachieving!

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