Let the JSET doughnut motivate you

The cornerstone of a JSET training plan is the JSET doughnut. On Monday it is red, and after every run JSET reanalyses your data and it will progressively become blue. The aim of the week is simply to run until you have filled the doughnut.

Because the training doughnut uses aggregate data and adapts as your weeks progresses you don’t need to worry if one of your runs was a little faster or slower than you expected. The doughnut simply reassess your training after each run and reports how much more running you need to do before the week is over. 

In this simple, visual, way you can stay on top of your training. You can decide how you want to structure your training each week. 

The JSET doughnut is 

The encouraging and fun JSET dashboard brings your training data to life. Striving for a full circle each week is something JSET runners take great pride in. 

As your training progresses the weekly targets will become harder; pushing you to keep improving.