A JSET marathon training program is quite different to most other running programs, so have a read below to find out the answers to some of the common questions about JSET running.

Training for longer gives you a higher chance of achieving your race goal, so it’s up to you how long you train for. Remember that as you get faster you will need more training in order to keep improving.

JSET is far more flexible than most training programs. Rather than prescribing a distance and pace needed for each run, JSET uses aggregate data for the whole week to determine your training requirements.

Although JSET was first designed for marathon training it now works for any distance from 5k-marathon.

Because marathon performance is a very good benchmark for overall aerobic fitness, we often talk in terms of ‘predicted marathon fitness’, but that does not mean we are limited to running road marathons. JSET has helped people achieve PB’s in every event from 5k to ultras. 

Cross training will probably help you run a faster marathon. But there is not enough data to know exactly how much faster a cycling / swimming / yoga session will make you. For this reason JSET only accounts for running training. The same goes for running on hills. Hills probably help but we don’t know exactly how helpful they are.

That depends on your goal. If you’re aiming for a 3h30min marathon you might only need to run 4 times per week, but if you’re aiming for 2h30min you’ll need to run every day. Thankfully the JSET training doughnut makes it easy to know how much you should be running. Once you’ve met your training load target each week, put your feet up. Until then, go out for a run.

Absolutely! There are numerous ways to fit running into a busy life. If it’s possible, you might want to consider a run-commute. Many people go for a few miles at lunchtime. These are just two examples of easy ways to rack up the miles without using too much time from your non-running life.

The equations were originally designed for people completing a marathon between 2h45min and 3h30min, but as we have collected more data it has proven to work for marathons ranging from 2:14 t0 6:00. 

There are two forms of JSET training; JSET-full and JSET-solo.

JSET full costs €16/week .

JSET solo costs €4.50/week.