The longer you train for, the better you'll be

The more weeks that you commit to training the more impressive your result will be. To reflect this, JSET becomes cheaper per week as you train for longer. I hope this lower weekly price is an incentive to become a better athlete.
<20 weeks

>21 weeks


You'll get a complete training plan

Firstly, I'll send you a short questionnaire about your running. This is so I can understand your running history, aims and current lifestyle. I'll also give you all the details about the JSET system we'll use.

Once you've filled that in I'll get back to you with a Google-sheet; this will act as your training program and include exactly what you need to do between now and race day. It'll be shared between you and me (but nobody else), so that I can continuously update it. We'll also use the Google-sheet to communicate with each other. The training plan includes unlimited interaction with me, so ask away!

It's best if you give the Google-sheet access to your Strava profile, via the link I'll provide, as this is how I see what training you've been up to. This requires all your training data to be on Strava. If you'd rather not have all your training data on Strava then you can add the data to the Google-sheet by hand, but this is obviously more time consuming!

Your training program will be specific to your:

Marathon goal

Down to the minute. If you're chasing a 2h57min marathon then a sub3 plan isn't right for you, you need a 2h57min training plan.


Busy job? No problem, we'll work around it. Getting a marathon pb doesn't have to take over your life.

Past performances

JSET looks at how much training you've done in the past and your past race performances. By comparing these I can assess how your body responds to training.

Training preferences

Let's do the type of running you enjoy. If you love running at a "chatting pace" with friends then do that. JSET tells you exactly how much "chatting pace" running you need to do.

Current ability

Everyone's starting from a different place, so even two runners who have the same goal need different programs. JSET accounts for that.

(It'll also adapt)

We'll adjust your goal depending on how the training is going. Say hello to overachieving!