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This will get you a complete JSET training program alongside analysis, interaction & motivation from me. Your training plan will provide a road map to get you from today to race day. Your lifestyle, training preferences, intermediate races, and any other information you give me will all be taken into account as we progress.

Analysis - with a degree in sports science & physiology I have a strong understanding of running physiology, and I love to share this knowledge as your training progresses. Additionally I have a deep love for data analysis that means I am able to give you extra insight into your training that might be tricky to see on your own.

Interaction - on the face of it running is a simple sport, but as I'm always reminded when buying running shoes; there's a bewildering variety of (often conflicting) advice out there on subjects ranging from training techniques and technology fads to nutritional supplements and recovery advice. I do my best to give you clear, actionable advice on all things running related (or un-related to running for that matter, but I'm much less useful for career / relationship / life advice).

Motivation - everyone knows it can be tricky to motivate yourself to get out there and train week in, week out for months on end. I help to encourage you to reach your potential simply by keeping a close eye on your training. If the urge to sit inside and eat cake overpowers your desire to run you'll have to explain that to me.

The longer you train for, the better you'll be. To reflect this, JSET becomes cheaper per week as you train for longer. I hope this lower weekly price is an incentive to become a better athlete.

<20 weeks

>21 weeks

(You can also pay in GPB, USD AUD or NZD, but the exact price when paying in these currencies will depend on the current exchange rate)

With JSET-full you'll get a complete training plan and an attentive coach. Firstly, I'll send you a short questionnaire about your running. This is so I can understand your running history, aims and current lifestyle. Once you've filled that in I'll get back to you with a Google-sheet; this will act as your training program and include exactly what you need to do between now and race day. It'll be shared between you and me (but nobody else). We'll also use the Google-sheet to communicate with each other. The training plan includes unlimited interaction with me, so ask away!

It's best if you give the Google-sheet access to your Strava profile, via the link I'll provide, as this is how I see what training you've been up to. This requires all your training data to be on Strava. If you'd rather not have all your training data on Strava then you can add the data to the Google-sheet by hand, but this is obviously more time consuming. To start your JSET-full training program please send me a message, either using the link below or to joshs@jset.run

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