• Science based endurance training
  • Tailored to you
  • Adapting to your progress
  • Giving you the confidence* to succeed

    *and fitness

JSET is a new approach to marathon training

JSET is a highly personised training system which takes the uncertainty out of your racing by using science, rather than guesswork, to plan your training and asses your fitness. By understanding the relationship between average pace, weekly distance and race performance JSET enables athletes to do more of the training they enjoy and gives athlete confidence that they’ve got the fitness to achieve their race goal.
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The points system

Points mean prizes
My unique points system can change the way you train. Each week you have a points target – a number of points you need to earn in order to achieve your race goal. Each mile you run earns you points, and running faster earns you more points. Through this targeted training program you can be sure that you’re doing enough training to achieve your goal, whilst avoiding overtraining and injury.

It’s up to you to decide how you collect points. Some people run big distances every day, at a consistent, slow place. But if you’d rather run a coached session with a club that’s fine too – just make sure you collect enough points each week.

If you stick to the JSET training program you can be sure you’ll be fit enough to achieve your marathon goal. You've got the experience of me, an elite marathon runner, but it's the science behind the unique training program that's the really special thing about JSET.

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Josh S is the coach behind JSET

Marathon runner, coach and woolly hat enthusiast


I believe almost anyone can be a fast runner if they do the right training. JSET exists because I want to share my training methods. In 2016 I was directed towards the equation that JSET is based on and by applying it to my training I found I was getting faster and faster. By the end of 2018 I was the fastest U23 in the UK. This isn’t because I’m naturally a fantastic runner – for a long time I was an average runner, finishing as an "also ran" in cross country and marathons.

It was training correctly, in a way that I enjoy, that enabled me to really improve. The JSET training uses the structure of science, combined with the intelligence of a skilled human to generate a training program that allows athletes to achieve more than they thought possible. JSET is different because the science underpinning the program understands exactly what training load your body has experienced, and what race performance that will produce.

The JSET training method is unusual, but I’ve never found anyone it doesn’t work for. Essentially, it involves running big weekly distances at an easy pace. At the peak of a training cycle I run over 250km per week, rarely exceeding 70% of race pace. One particularly unusual element of the training is that it doesn’t involve running anywhere near race pace. Find out more about the training style.

Alongside coaching and running I am working towards a BSc in Sports Science & Physiology at the University of Leeds, where I have taken a particular interest in cardiac physiology. I ran my first marathon at the age of 17, and I've run at least one every year since. My current PB is 2h28min, which I ran in the Yorkshire Marathon 2018.

Now, please enjoy this photo of me getting very angry at a mascot. He got in my way just before the finish line, costing me an extra three or four seconds on my 9,510 second marathon time.